Rawlings Platinum Glove Awards (l. to r.) Anthony Rizzo, Don Mattingly, Ozzie Smith, Francisco Lindor, Vince, Eduardo Perez, Nov 2016

Thought Leader in Baseball

    • Consultant to MLB teams Over a 15-year period, coinciding with the release of Diamond Dollars, Vince has been a consultant to various MLB teams, including the Cleveland Indians, Los Angeles Dodgers, and San Francisco Giants. His innovative work in baseball operations has included modeling the financial impact of a player to a team, assessing the free agent market, analyzing scouting reports to measure their predictive value, valuing all MLB  and minor league players as team assets, developing sophisticated models to predict performance of the batter--pitcher matchup, and advised managers and coaches on lineup construction. This complements his work on the business side, which includes evaluating ticket price elasticity, season ticket holder retention strategies, branding and advertising campaigns, and capital expansions and renovation projects.
Vince receiving his 2014 WS ring
(l. to r.) Larry Baer, Bruce Bochy, Brian Sabean
Vince with Willie Mays in the Giants Clubhouse, 2016

SiriusXM Radio Show:
Vince on the set of his SiriusXM weekly radio show, which recently aired its 250th episode

    • Vince talking about starting pitching which aired on May 1, 2021:  CLICK TO LISTEN

    • Vince’s opening remarks, which aired on his October 31, 2020 show:  CLICK TO LISTEN

    • Vince’s interview featuring guest David Epstein, the best-selling author of Range and The Sports Gene, which aired on November 23, 2019:  CLICK TO LISTEN

    • Early pioneering work on Player Value Click to learn more                                                 In the 1970s, Vince’s  early work in baseball analysis made him the first person to employ the concept of “replacement level player” in the baseball context. He was also on the leading edge of quantifying the revenue impact to a team from changes in the club’s on-field performance. Many of the concepts he introduced in Diamond Dollars are common terms today, such as “win-curve”, which quantifies the relationship between winning and revenues, incorporating the dollar value of reaching the postseason.

    • SABR Analytics Conference Click to learn more.                                                                              In 2012, Vince co-founded the SABR Analytics Conference, along with SABR CEO Marc Appleman. The annual event held in the heart of spring training in Phoenix is dedicated to bringing together the leading minds in baseball analytics to discuss the state of analytics and its future in baseball.  Over the years, the Conference has grown to 600 attendees, including representatives from nearly every MLB team. Speakers and panelists have included MLB team owners, general managers, and other members of baseball operations staffs. In addition, the Conference attendees and participants have included current and former players and baseball analytics luminaries such as Bill James, Tom Tango, Pete Palmer, Dick Cramer, John Thorn, John Dewan, and many others.

    • Frequent Panelist on MLB Network Studio Shows: 

  • Clubhouse Confidential with Brian Kenny
  • MLB Now with Ron Darling, Eric Byrnes, Carlos Peña, Joel Sherman, Tom Verducci
  • Top 10 Right Now with Bill James, Ben Lindbergh, Mike Petriello, Sarah Langs
  • The Rundown
On MLB Now
With Ron Darling on MLB Now
With Brian Kenny on MLB Now

    • Diamond Dollars Case Competition Click to learn more                                                                               Vince created the Diamond Dollars Case Competition as a way to provide an opportunity for young people who seek a career in baseball and baseball analytics to learn and practice their craft and develop a network of contacts within the baseball industry. One MLB executive once referred to the Case Competition as “our scouting combine for our future analytics talent.” Over the years more than 1000 students have competed in one or more of the twenty Case Competition events. Nearly 150 have secured internships or full-time positions with sports organizations, many of which are within MLB and its 30 teams.

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